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VETtrak is Australia's most trusted SMS

VETtrak is trusted by more Australian RTOs than any other Student Management System (SMS). With a market share of 35% of Private RTOs and Enterprise RTOs, VETtrak truly is number 1 in RTO. 

This position is underscored by over 20 years’ experience and is backed up by Voice of VET's RTO Industry Australia 2018 Report which found that among Senior RTO Managers that:

  • The VETtrak brand is 4 times as likely to be considered ahead of the nearest competitor;
  • VETtrak has been used by over 58% of the industry; and
  • VETtrak was a brand recognised by 7 out of 10 managers of training organisations.

Learn why we've got a 90% satisfaction rating. Get the certainty that comes from working with number 1. 

VETtrak-as-a-Service Options

Need expert support on-demand?


It’s a fast-moving industry and your competitors are working smarter to win students. Don’t get bogged down by your growing administration, our on-demand admin team can help ease the load. Let us augment your existing staff and fine tune your administration when you need it. Stop spinning your wheels, talk to us. 

Want to avoid red flags in your claims?


Constantly ducking and weaving from one obstacle to the next? Don’t risk missing a claim for funding. Access up-to-date expertise and outsource your claiming in every state and territory. Our team will ensure timeliness of claims and help improve your cashflow.

Facing compliance hurdles?


Running into a lot of reporting and process obstacles? Beat the clock on your compliance deadlines by passing the baton to VETtrak-as-a-Service’s compliance concierge. Access on-demand pay-as-you-go services for any project big or small. Stay on track with VETtrak.

You Might Be Wondering...

Why not just hire staff myself?

When you add new staff to your payroll there are many hidden costs and risks. Aside from the recruitment costs, sick days, and other overheads, there's a significant amount of systems and process training. What if you could access that help without the learning curve, HR exposure, or hand-holding? Now you can. Move from a fixed cost to a variable cost, and get on-demand expertise only when you need it.

Am I obligated to sign-up for a long contract?

Our VETtrak-as-a-Service offerings are on-demand, and pay-as-you-go so you get the flexibility to scale-up or scale-down your support as and when you need it. Say goodbye to lock-in contracts, unused retainer hours, and under utilised hires. With our experts you pay only for what you use. If you do need an ongoing contracted committment, we're open to tailoring our offering to your needs.

My RTO has reporting requirements in various states - Can you manage that?

Our experts invest heavily in maintaining currency. As a result, we've got deep expertise in reporting and compliance obligations nationally, and in every Australian state and territory. Get answers sooner.

I don't use VETtrak SMS, can I use this serivce too?

Absolutely! Non-VETtrak users can still access our Admin, Claiming and Compliance offerings. If/when you decide to migrate to VETtrak, our implementation service will be there to support you.

I'm not a big RTO, does it make sense for me?

Of course! We know many of you wear many hats. With the frequent changes in regulations it can be hard to maintain currency. From a fresh set of eyes on a task or process through to a complete "RTO Health Check", our team is here for all projects great and small.

Ready to Get Started?

Want to learn more? Have an immediate need or a burning question? Get in touch below. We'll get in touch ASAP to ensure you have the extra set of hands you need when you need them.